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Jump Start Lay the Groundwork

Jump Start: A Teacher’s Guide to Tech from Cult of Pedagogy – with Jennifer Gonzalez

Module 2 – Lay the Groundwork

The video about The Cloud was funny and informative.  The side by side comparison of  storage options was gold.  The comparison reaffirmed for me that Dropbox was the right choice for me to store work and personal even though I do use Google Drive more heavily for work since it’s collaborative and Dropbox is just a file drawer. Then there is Apple Cloud is just working in the background since I live in a Mac world now.

Communication and social media tools were overwhelming to me.  I just returned from ISTE with a clearer picture.  I compartmentalize to keep it all straight.  I use Facebook for personal – which is why participating in coursed through fb is awkward for me, but I’m figuring it out.  I use Skype, Hangouts (comparison), and Facetime to connect with others live. Twitter and Google+ have become my PLN (personal learning network).  Voxer is new and I’m already enjoying it and will be inviting others.  I learned how others use Snapchat in education, and have had some brainstorms I shared that other’s in my building are intrigued about, too.  We’ll give it a go.  I just tried out Periscope at ISTE when many couldn’t get in to a session, so I downloaded, click, click, click and viola – connected to others in the hall who were very appreciative.  So, I’ll be exploring that some more, too.  I appreciate Today’sMeet as a participant, but as a presenter, I would struggle with divided attention.  I think I would assign someone to monitor that for me.

The tools I chose to explore more in this course are Kahoot and now WordPress.  I haven’t taken the time yet to explore Kahoot since WordPress has consumed me.  In the beginning, I couldn’t even figure out how to get to the different pages, much less make them look like I wanted.  I’m not a design student, and don’t want to be, so I just clicked on one that stood out to me and started clicking away.  It started to come together.  Now that I am not as focus on the how, I can focus on the why and what it can do for me.  It’s very exciting.  Now I can take time when I chose to explore the nuances to get the most of out of my portfolio for the world to see – yikes.



Another educator just trying to do it all gracefully...succeeding some days, failing others, but learning something every single day.

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