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Jumpstart Take Your Pick

Module 6 – Take Your Pick

Jump Start: A Teacher’s Guide to Tech from Cult of Pedagogy – with Jennifer Gonzalez

Flashcard Creators, Mind Mapping Tools and Survey Tools

Lions and tigers and bears, OH MY!  Goodness.  This assignment is why so many teachers through up their hands and get overwhelmed.  One could spend hours digging in tech to decide which tool is “the one” to use.  Thank goodness that’s not me.  I picked one from each, took a peek, noted what to return to later and decided upon the one to dig for this task (I’m lying. It’s been hours through breakfast, snacks, lunch, and afternoon drinks.)

Since we are a Google district (and I have already spent hours and need to move on), I chose to think about Google forms/surveys in a different way.   I created an exit ticket for my elementary students learning how to identify the theme.  What was especially thought-provoking about this is that this particular creation could be used as an exit ticket in class, an assignment, or even a flipped pre-assess before another lesson or for an absent student.  (you can click here to see the live form Exit Ticket)

exit ticket

The tool itself is easy to use and customize.  I have used different survey tools for just that – surveys.  Thinking about this tool in different ways opens interesting possibilities.  Students could easily use this, embed and collect data to report on later. I could use this in a flipped way with my new teachers, with parents, as well as students now that google has improved it to embed video content pictures as well as text.  I also like how google has added different choices for responses besides just text and multiple choice. Checkboxes, dropdowns and linear scales are among a few new additions that will be a novel way to gather information, assess, or have participants think about something.

Below is a list I want to play with (or have students play with and tell me about):

Mind mapping: popplet vs. vs. coggle (I’ve used Lucid chart and like, but so expensive.  sigh)

Flashcards – hmmm…not my thing so I need to explore  quizlet vs studyblue




Another educator just trying to do it all gracefully...succeeding some days, failing others, but learning something every single day.

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