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Jumpstart Screencasting

Module 7 – Screencasting

Jump Start: A Teacher’s Guide to Tech from Cult of Pedagogy – with Jennifer Gonzalez

1000px-Clapboard.svg_  Lights, camera, ACTION!

Wow! Screencast-o-matic was so easy!   My practice video is nothing to be excited about, as I was just playing and it doesn’t even make sense.  However, here is what I learned.

  1. Screencasting can be a valuable tool for me to record and review what I learn.
  2. Screencasting can be a valuable tool for student to also record or to review a given lesson.
  3. Creating a classroom “channel” of lessons could be invaluable to families.  No need to google something when they can go directly to your class youtuble channel of lessons or tutorials that you have created.
  4. etc…more to come as I play more. (online stories for my cherubs to hear a story on their parents phone as they wait in line at the grocery store)

I also learned (through this process and through another online course I’m taking) that planning what you will say and planning your steps are critical! Clearly I didn’t do this as I was playing on my first attempt 🙂  Sometimes you have to dive in 1st.

I really like the features of screencast-o-matic that allow you to record frames and type the words across the bottom.  So many free options.

My first unplanned attempt: youtube screencast-o-matic test

On a side note, I need to revisit thinglink.  My original thinglink has other options to add different types of tags, but when creating this screencast, I could only add url links.  I’m confused.  Time to back up. My original:



Another educator just trying to do it all gracefully...succeeding some days, failing others, but learning something every single day.

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