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Reflect and Plan

Module 8 – Reflect and Plan

Jump Start: A Teacher’s Guide to Tech from Cult of Pedagogy – with Jennifer Gonzalez

Without a doubt this has been one of the most helpful courses with regards to technology. It was organized in a way that was a gentle push, but not overwhelming.  I was able to connect what I already knew with new learning.  Thanks to Jennifer and all the supportive members of my group.  I know Voxer tapered off as July wore on and we all were at different points, but I knew there was the safety net there and hope we can reach out with questions as we continue our learning beyond July.

Favorite Modules

I have two favorite modules.  One being WordPress.  I would have never guessed.  It will become a sort of online diary for my learning – but Diary3.o.  I also think it would be great to create a site to possibly to connect with families and my new teachers. I don’t know, still thinking on that one.

My second favorite module, again with surprise, was screencasting.  Blew. my. mind.  I had recorded a couple things in the past with capture and quicktime.  I can’t wait to use the features of screencast-o-matic and have youtube channels for my new teachers, for students, for families and teach them to create their own. Just so easy. I think a fun way would to use it to pose questions, or provide a clue to a breakout.

Tools I’ll be Using

I will be using Voxer, twitter in better ways, thinglink and screencasting.  I will be documenting my learning in wordpress and maybe creating another site. I have spoken to my school counselor and administrator and are already have discussions about how voxer will be a valuable tool with staff.  I will hone my knowledge about twitter and venture back in (probably need to take Jennifer’s twitter tutorial).  This post would be miles long if I began brain draining my thoughts about thinglink and screencasting possibilities.

New Tools to Explore

I will be exploring Collaboration tools as I get ready to teach a course to new teachers in about 4 weeks.  Some I am familiar with. Some are new.  Here we go…  I am embarrassed to say that I have not gotten into coding yet. Ugh! I know!  So that will be my next step. I’m glad this guide has a place to start. Thanks again, Jennifer.  There is so much more in the guide that we didn’t touch on. Step by step.

My Goals

One goal would be to explore collaboration tools before August 20. Another would be to create any screencasts by the end of September that the new teachers might need a link to (or to the channel) after their new teacher training/orientation.  A third goal is to continue through The Teacher’s Guide to Tech by the end of the school year and have a few new tools under my belt.  Thanks again, Jennifer!




Another educator just trying to do it all gracefully...succeeding some days, failing others, but learning something every single day.

One thought on “Reflect and Plan

  1. Tiffany, I have absolutely loved your enthusiasm this summer! You’ve been willing to take on big challenges, suffer through them, and come out TRIUMPHANT on the other side. It’s been so fun to watch! I think it’s hilarious that screencasting and WordPress have ended up being favorites of yours! You did an excellent job on all of your modules (excited about your plans to use Google Forms as exit tickets!). I’m sure I’ll see you over on Twitter 🙂 Have a great rest of the summer!


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