I have been in a classroom teaching since 1987.  I began teaching preschool while in college then after graduation moved to the western slope of Colorado and had my first job teaching Kindergarten.  I have taught Kindergarten, first grade, second grade, and reading interventions k-5. I have taught teacher workshops in classroom management as well as reading instruction. I am currently a Literacy Coordinator teaching reading interventions and coaching/co-planning/consulting with classroom teachers related to reading instruction.  Since I now have the opportunity to work more closely than before with many more teachers, I have learned twice as much twice as fast.  I have learned change is a constant and below are some of my beliefs.

In taking a Theory Into Practice course to hone my skills in my profession to best help learners and colleagues I work with, we were assigned a reflection assignment based on an NPR segment entitled “This I Believe”. It was intended to be a reflection assignment about our core beliefs that guide our daily lives.  I’ve started reflecting and below are my initial thoughts about what drives me. 


I believe we are whom we surround ourselves with. People can inspire you or drain you.  Who we choose to spend time with can help define us in our families, with our friends, and professionally. The people we choose to let into our lives and shape our conversations, thoughts and feelings are reflections of who we are.  Choose wisely.


 I believe that there is no greater calling than being an educator.  Who else holds the world in their hands?  Educators inspire people to be doctors, writers, engineers, social workers, and yes, even politicians.  Educators have the power to show the world to a learner and light a spark of greatness.  I believe educators sometimes forget the weight of our task is mighty.  I also believe that there is no profession that brings greater joy EVERY SINGLE DAY.  I am not just a teacher.


 I believe in relationships. The key to engaging learners, connecting with families, collaborating with colleagues, and being happy is relationships.  In this digital time, we need to find ways to connect deeper than the 140-character limit that doesn’t allow for body language and reading someone’s emotions.  We may be able to connect globally through digital means, but there will never be world peace unless we connect in person and create meaningful relationships.


I believe this list will grow as I reflect on my core beliefs and try to articulate them.

What do you believe?


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